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What if my affiliate network shows different stats than ClickMagick?

We work hard to ensure that the Postback Builder is always up to date, and unless your affiliate network just changed their software or tracking platform, what you’ll find in our Postback Builder is going to be correct.

Unfortunately, many “affiliate managers” are simply not that knowledgeable, and as crazy as it may sound, they will often give you incorrect information even about how to use their own platform.

If someone at your affiliate network tells you to do something different than what you find in ClickMagick, the first thing to do is ask them to point you to their published documentation that confirms what they’re telling you.

If you do find that an affiliate network’s published documentation doesn’t match the information shown in ClickMagick, do let us know and we’ll take a look right away.

In most cases however the affiliate manager – or what you read on Facebook or watched on YouTube for that matter – is simply incorrect.

With that being said, there is one very specific situation that does come up from time to time which will normally result in your affiliate network telling you to do something other than what is described in their published documentation and in ClickMagick: Your use of a large number of unique Sub-IDs (e.g. email addresses or Click IDs).

The overwhelming majority of affiliates do not use large numbers of unique Sub-IDs like this, and most affiliate platforms simply aren’t meant to handle them.

Everything works normally with a small or “average” number of unique Sub-IDs, but once you get to the point where you have 1,000s of unique Sub-IDs (or even less) it’s likely that you’ll hear from your affiliate network and they’ll ask you to change how you’re passing Sub-IDs to their network.

Normally it’ll be a simple change – for example passing your Sub-IDs using their “s2” parameter rather than their “s1” parameter – and if they’ve asked you to make this change due to your large number of unique Sub-IDs, then by all means do what they say.

Making the change won’t affect anything at all. You'll simply need to pass your Click IDs to your affiliate link using the new parameter they tell you to use and then update your ClickMagick Postback URL to use the corresponding token as well, for example, using the #s2# token in your Postback URL if you were previously using #s1#. (This token will vary from one network to another. Check the Postback Builder if you’re at all unsure of the tokens than your network uses.)

Article 448 Last updated: 02/07/2020 3:28:43 PM