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Can I track email follow-ups for my tracking link funnel too?

You sure can!

If you need to track an entire funnel with tracking links, along with email followups, you should almost certainly use the Funnel Set Up Tool to create the necessary link group, sub-groups and tracking links to track your funnel.

One of the sub-groups created will be named Funnel Email Links, and that’s where you should put the tracking links for all of the followup emails that you want to track, for the best accuracy.

If you end up setting up the link group and sub-groups manually, rather than using the Funnel Set Up Tool, simply create a sub-group called “Funnel Email Links” and put all your email links in there.

For more details on tracking your entire funnel, please see the article below …
How do I track my entire sales funnel?
Caution: You can NOT add a ClickMagick tracking pixel to the Pixels setting of an email tracking link set up this way – it’s just incompatible with the way email tracking links work when use with the Entry Link setting.

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