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How does ClickMagick’s click auditing system work?

We’re obviously biased, but we’ve poured a ton of time and resources into the continual development of our click auditing system, and we firmly believe it’s the most accurate “traffic cleaning” system of its kind.

Please keep reading for more information about our click auditing system, answers to frequently asked questions, and more information on how you can help us ensure that the click auditing system is as accurate as possible.

How accurate is ClickMagick’s click auditing system?

Our own internal testing, based on the billions of clicks we’ve processed for our customers over the past 7 years, indicates that our click auditing system is over 99.9% accurate.

In real-world terms that means that out of every 1,000 clicks flagged as being “suspicious” or outright fraudulent, you’d have a hard time finding even one click that was flagged incorrectly.

Do you use any outside data or 3rd-party APIs?

ClickMagick’s auditing system is 100% proprietary, and does not rely on any outside data or 3rd-party APIs.

We’ve tested them all, and found them to be wildly inaccurate – often blocking 5-10% of legitimate clicks.

This is mainly due to their lazy habit of blocking entire IP ranges when they identify a single “bad” IP address.

The only 3rd-party data we use at all is domain registration and IP allocation information from ICANN, ARIN and other official sources, to help identify ownership and relationships between domains and IP addresses.

So how does the click auditing system work?

Our system has been built, tweaked and optimized entirely in-house over the past 7 years, and it constantly monitors and analyzes every single click that all of our users get.

We have literally over a dozen monitoring systems that constantly analyze not only every detail of every click, but actual click and user “behavior” including sessions, conversions, and lots more we just can’t talk about.

Legitimate “bots” properly identify themselves, but this allows us to catch all the rest – the malicious bots, content scrapers and other automated processes that try to disguise themselves as legitimate web browsers.

And in addition to being the most accurate, real-time bot detection system of its kind, this also allows us to identify competitors and even your own users who repeatedly click on your ads and waste your ad budget.

Between our automated monitoring systems, input from users like you, and lots of manual human oversight on our end, the auditing system actually gets smarter and more accurate each and every day.

That all sounds great, but how do I take advantage of all of this?

Because ClickMagick Campaigns is so dramatically different from Tracking Links and Rotators from a technical standpoint, things work a bit differently depending on which tracking system you’re using.

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