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What if I need to track more than 1M clicks per month?

ClickMagick’s highest plan allows for up to 1 million clicks per month. We allow you a 10% “overage” for free, which gives you a true maximum limit of 1,100,000 clicks per month.

If you need to track more traffic than that you’ll simply need to set up multiple accounts and split up your tracking between them, so that no single account gets more than 1.1M clicks per month.

What if I received an alert and was directed to this article?

The alert you received was just a heads up that it may be time for you to open another account.

If you think this is probably just a one time thing, don’t worry about it – your clicks are still being processed, and we would never “shut off” your tracking unless you blatantly ignore the rules and our alerts.

On the other hand, if you know that you’re going to consistently bump up against this limit every month that means it’s probably time to create one or more additional accounts.

We also understand that you probably have traffic “in flight” and that you’ll probably continue to receive a bunch more traffic in the coming days or weeks. This is perfectly fine as long as you are working on moving some of your tracking to one or more new accounts if necessary.

If you ignore our alerts, do not create additional accounts, and consistently go over your click limit every month, then yes – you’ll be at risk of having your account paused, or even cancelled.

Note: Due to the volume of clicks, we understand that moving some of your tracking can take time. Which is why we have provided you with a 30-day timeframe to get it squared away.

Why are ClickMagick plans limited to 1M clicks per month?

99.9% of online marketers get less than 1M clicks per month, and this is ClickMagick’s target audience.

Supporting high-volume accounts over 1M clicks per month requires a completely different infrastructure, different product design and a different business model that we have simply chosen not to pursue.

Any exceptions? Can’t I just pay you more money?

Unfortunately not. Because no matter how much money you paid us, you’d still be using a product that was not built to accommodate the volume of traffic you get which wouldn’t be good for either of us.

If you can’t split up your traffic between multiple accounts for some reason, you’ll probably want to look into some better solutions for high-volume tracking.

We can recommend Voluum which has a great reputation for high-volume tracking, and their lowest plans START at 1M clicks per month.

Article 252 Last updated: 12/17/2020 8:28:51 AM