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Rotators - Everything You Need to Know

A rotator is a click delivery tool that takes incoming clicks and sends them to one or more URLs based on the type of rotator it is.

Rotators are typically used to distribute clicks to people who have bought traffic from you.

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What is a rotator and how to set it up?

What are the 4 different rotator modes?

What are the optional rotator URL settings?

How do I track conversions from my rotators or rotator links?

What’s the best way to test my Rotator links?

What should I use — split testing or rotators?

Can I send traffic directly to a rotator URL?

What should I never do with a rotator?

How do I delete a rotator, rotator URL, or rotator group?

What happens if I archive a link or rotator URL?

Can I send custom emails to people I send traffic to?

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