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How do I track ClickBank order form impressions?

If you're a ClickBank affiliate/vendor and you want to track ClickBank order form impressions in ClickMagick. Here's how you do it…

Video Tutorials: How To Track ClickBank Order Form Impressions

Step 1 - Go to the Integrated Sales Reporting Section

Log in to ClickBank, click on “Vendor Settings”


Next, click on the “My Site” tab in the menu bar:


Step 2 - Add Your Engagement Pixel

Scroll down the page and click on the “Add Tracking Code” button under Integrated Sales Reporting:


On the next screen, set your Type as Tracking Pixel, then click the “Add” button:


Next you’ll enter your Tracking Pixel URL.

If you are using Campaigns use the engagement pixel for your account below:[USERID]

If you are using Tracking Links use the engagement for your account below:[USERID]&att=2

Track As: Affiliate (if you only promote products as an affiliate), Vendor (if you sell your own products on ClickBank)

Where to Fire: Order Form


Next, in the “Order Form Event” list, change the setting for the PRODUCT_TITLE to “ref” in all lowercase:


Then click the “Save” button and your order page is set up.

Step 3 - Activate Your Pixels

Now that you have your pixels created, you need to enable them by clicking on the green “start” button next to the pixel:


Once you've enabled your pixels, you'll set up to start tracking ClickBank order form impressions in ClickMagick.

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