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How do I add tracking pixels or JavaScript code to OptimizePress?

In this article, we’re going to show you where to install tracking pixels and tracking code in OptimizePress. But, before you read further, if you don’t already have a good understanding of where to install tracking pixels on an HTML page, the rest of this document will make more sense if you review this article first:
What are tracking pixels and tracking code?

First click “Page Settings” in the LiveEditor for the page you want to add a pixel to, then select “Other Scripts”.

There are four places you can add pixels and tracking code depending on what you’re adding. For ClickMagick image pixels select “After <body> tag”.

For JavaScript tracking pixels, select “Header”. You can paste your Sub-ID JavaScript code in any section.

If you are using OptimizePress 3.0, then you would do the following:

1. Select “Settings.”

2. Select “Page Scripts.”

3. You will have the option to paste your pixels and code in the “Header Script” section, or the “Body Script” section.


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