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How do I track clicks by device?

There are two known ways to track your clicks by device or platform.

The first way would be to target devices when setting up your ads.

In different PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising networks, you can do this by selecting Desktop, Mobile, or Both.

Doing this not only allows you to send Desktop Visitors to one page and Mobile Visitors to a page that is more mobile-friendly but it also allows you to show different ads based on the device a visitor is using.

The view the stats, you would use the Traffic Analysis Report in Campaigns, which you can find under Reports and selecting it in the dropdown:


Then you can sort your stats by Platform as shown below to view the device:


The third way would be to use a ClickMagick Tracking Link.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Create or edit a Tracking Link so that the Primary URL is the page you want Desktop Visitors to see:

2. Click on the URLs tab, enter the page you want Mobile Visitors to see in the Mobile URL section:

And create or update the link.

To analyze the stats, click on the Reports icon  and click “Traffic Analysis” in the dropdown: 

Then filter the Traffic Analysis by Platform to see how Desktop traffic is performing with Mobile traffic.

Article 661 Last updated: 06/28/2022 7:56:53 AM