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Can I use the same domain for links and rotators?

To use the same domain for both links and rotators, you can use either subdomains or subdirectories.

To use a subdomain, you would add an additional word (the subdomain) just before your domain. You can choose any word you want to, but you can’t use the same word for both links and rotators.

Here is an example of two different subdomains you can use for the same domain:

You cannot use for both a link and rotator however.

Using subdirectories would look like this:

As with subdomains, you cannot use for both a link and rotator and you must set up both subdirectories even if you want to use only tracking links or only rotators.

Using Subdomains

We recommend using the subdomain approach because it’s easier to set up, processes clicks faster, and is not affected by website downtime in any way—just follow the set up instructions in this article:

How do I set up a secure custom tracking domain?

Using Subdirectories

If you want to use a subdirectory you must use Script Forwarding to set up your custom domain.

This means your links will stop working if your web hosting goes “down,” and your tracking links will be a tiny bit slower because each click needs to be processed by your web server first. We recommend the subdomain method mentioned above because it avoids both of these issues.

If you’re sure you want to use the subdirectory approach, you’ll first need to have a website set up that your domain points to. Once you have a working website, you’ll then need to create two subdirectories in your website with the names you want to use in your tracking links and rotator links (track and rotate in the examples above).

The next step is to follow the Script Forwarding set up instructions for both subdirectories:

How do I set up a custom domain using a Subdirectory?

Again, we need to emphasize that you need to set up both subdirectories so you’ll need to go through the set up instructions twice, once for you link subdirectory and again for your rotator subdirectory.

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