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How do I use the Campaigns UTM Performance Report?

The Campaigns Dashboard provides a quick “at a glance” look at your most important marketing metrics for all your online marketing activities as a whole, or for a single traffic source or ad campaign.

But the UTM Performance Report is where you can easily analyze your data in just about any way you want, and filter your stats by any combination of UTM parameters or date range.

To get to the UTM Performance Report, click on the Reports icon and select “UTM Performance Report”.


You can view up to 250 results at a time, and you can sort your stats by over 20 different metrics like Sales Conversion Rate, Return On Ad Spend or Average Order Value just by clicking on any column header.

If you have a lot of data a specific report may take a few minutes to generate, but once your report is generated you can slice and dice your stats in just about any way you want almost instantly!

The UTM Performance Report is perfect for answering questions like:

What are my top performing ads, that I should try to scale further?

What are my worst performing ads, that I may want to consider turning off?

What is the exact ROI for all my different keywords or ad placements?

What’s my Sales Conversion Rate for all of my different traffic sources?

How much does it cost me for a lead from each of my traffic sources?

What’s the lifetime value of a customer from each traffic source or ad campaign?

What is my Average Order Value for each of my ads or traffic sources?

… and just about every other important marketing question you need an answer to.

So give the new UTM Performance Report a whirl and let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions on how we can make it even more useful, please do let us know.

Article 682 Last updated: 06/05/2022 3:22:51 PM