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Can I track Woocommerce sales in ClickMagick?

Yes, you can.

Before you do, you’ll want to make sure you have your Click Tracking Code on your WordPress website.

To do that, you can follow the steps outlined in the article below:

How do I add tracking pixels or JavaScript code to WordPress?

With your Click Tracking Code added to your site, just follow the steps below to begin tracking your sales:

1. Download a free WordPress plugin called “WooCommerce Conversion Tracking” and activate the plugin:


2. Once you have the plugin downloaded and activated, navigate to “Integrations” and turn on the “Custom” setting:


3. In the Custom portion you will have the option to add JavaScript code after a Successful Order.

If you are using Campaigns, click on “Campaigns Sales Conversion Code” and if you are using Tracking Links, click on “Tracking Link Sales Pixel”  and place the code in the field provided:

Campaigns Sales Conversion Code

Tracking Link Sales Pixel

The dynamic values have been applied to the above codes for you, but you are free to replace them with the tokens provided to you by the Woocommerce tracking plugin.

That’s it! You can now begin to track your sales with Woocommerce.

Article 685 Last updated: 05/28/2022 7:22:32 AM