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What are some frequently asked questions about Facebook pixels?

Rather than try to cover all of the various scenarios users have asked about, let’s try to keep things simple …

Each Campaigns Project can post up to 3 different conversion types – Actions, Engagements, and Sales – to any Facebook pixel. And once you set this up in Audience Optimization there’s nothing else to do in ClickMagick.

If you’re wondering “Can I do X with my pixel?” the answer is yes – assuming it’s allowed by Facebook.

ClickMagick doesn’t care or need to know anything about how you’re actually using your Facebook pixels.

We will simply send the conversion data you specify to the Facebook pixel you add in the Audience Optimization configuration, and you’re free to use your Facebook pixels in any way that makes sense on your end.

With that being said, here are some frequently asked questions about using Facebook pixels …

I set everything up. Why am I not seeing any pixel activity in Facebook?

Why are my own test conversions not being sent to Facebook?

Why isn’t my Facebook Pixel showing the same number of events as ClickMagick?

Can I send Actions, Engagements AND Sales or just one of them?

Do I have to send everything to the same pixel?

What if I have sales ranging from $10 to $1,000?

How should I optimize my Facebook ads while seasoning my new “ClickMagick pixel?”

What can I do about the “Missing User Data” Facebook warning?

Why isn’t my Event Match Quality 100%?

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