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What’s the difference between “Action” and “Engagement” tracking?

Tracking an “Engagement” is similar to tracking an “Action,” and you can use it to literally track anything you want.

Most people just need to track a few key goals or events aside from sales, so “Action” and “Engagement” tracking give you a really simply way to do just that.

For example, if you’re already tracking opt-ins as an “Action” for example, you can use Engagement Tracking to track webinar registrations, downloads, or anything else you can think of.

Another great use of Engagement tracking is to simply track clicks on one or more “key” links.

For example, say you buy a lot of “solo ads” and send your traffic to a landing page with an opt-in form. After people opt-in they see a “Thank You” page with some content and maybe 3 outgoing links on it.

You can track the opt-ins using the standard “Action” tracking pixel, but you can also use Engagement tracking to track all the clicks on your outgoing links, in which case your Engagement Conversion Rate or ECR would be a great indicator of the quality of traffic you’re receiving from each solo ad provider.

(To do this you’d simply add the Engagement tracking pixel to the Pixels setting of the tracking links for your outgoing links on your “thank you” page.)

This can also help identify fraudulent traffic where the seller is generating fake opt-ins to make their traffic look real, which, unfortunately, is an increasingly common practice.

If you’re tracking all your outgoing links and a solo ad provider sends traffic with a 40% opt-in rate but a 0% engagement rate, you know the traffic is all fake.

Your imagination is the only limit with Engagement tracking. If you think of a cool way to use it please let us know so we can share it with the community.
Tip: There is no difference between an “Action” and an “Engagement” except for which column the click will be associated with in your stats. Actions show up in the “A” column while Engagements show up in the “E” column. That’s the only difference. If you need to distinguish between multiple Engagements (or Actions), use the “Reference” value setting of the tracking pixel. Reference values are kind of like a sub-category.

Article 88 Last updated: 07/26/2021 1:17:00 PM