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What if my conversion stats don’t seem accurate?

If conversions aren’t tracking properly, we understand that’s a big problem and we have a few tips for you. It’s definitely something on your end, and these are the most common reasons for “missing” conversions…
1.    Are you sure ALL your traffic is reaching your sales funnel via a ClickMagick tracking link? Any traffic that reaches your funnel any other way can not and will not be tracked by ClickMagick.

Check for “holes” in your marketing and make sure all your traffic is routed through a tracking link.
2.    Have you added the right conversion tracking pixel to the appropriate pages, in the right place?

Obviously, if you don’t add the ClickMagick tracking pixel to your “thank you” pages properly, that’s a problem. Use ClickMagick’s Pixel Debugger to test whether a web page has a properly formatted tracking pixel on it.

Remember that all tracking pixels MUST be placed between the <body>...</body> tags to function properly and that for the Pixel Debugger to work correctly, you must be logged in to the same ClickMagick account that the tracking pixels refer to.

Also, if you add a tracking pixel to an “intermediary” or “bridge” page that redirects the user somewhere else, be sure to allow several seconds before redirecting. This will give our tracking pixels plenty of time to load in case the user has a slow Internet connection.

Finally, if you’re using a page builder with WordPress, you’ll generally want to add the pixel somewhere in your page builder and NOT directly in WordPress.
3.    Do you have multiple “thank you” pages because you’re split testing, or for any other reason?

Sometimes users add a tracking pixel to one “thank you” page but forget about the others, so go through your entire funnel and make sure that all of your “thank you” pages have the appropriate pixels, and test them all.
4.    Are users always properly redirected to your “thank you” pages after the action occurs?

Double-check for example that the “thank you” page URLs that users are redirected to after opting in at all your different squeeze pages are correct. The Pixel Debugger will show you the most recent pixels that have been “fired” and what tracking links the conversions were attributed to. The Pixel Debugger makes it easy to see exactly what is happening.

If you have 5 squeeze pages and 1 isn’t redirecting to the right “thank you” page for one reason or another, you’re probably going to miss about 20% of your conversions…
5.    Are you using ClickMagick tracking links to link to your “thank you” pages?

If you are, and you haven’t set up “funnel” tracking properly, this will cause your conversions to be attributed to your “thank you” page tracking link since that’s the last tracking link the user passes through.
6.    If you want to track multiple conversions of the same type for the same user – such as an upsell after an initial sale – you MUST provide a unique “Reference” value for each action or sale type e.g. product1, product2, etc.

If you forget this crucial bit of information, ClickMagick will only track the first conversion per user.

This also means for example that if a user opts-in to your list twice using two different email addresses, your autoresponder will report two new subscribers while ClickMagick will report only one conversion (one new subscriber) – which is accurate. Just something to keep in mind …
7.    If you’ve added a pixel to a secure (https) page, make sure you change http in the pixel code to https otherwise most browsers won’t load the pixel. More specifically, change the src= part of the pixel code from this:


to this:


Still can’t figure it out?

If you’ve checked these 7 things and still can’t figure it out, please open a Help Desk ticket and we’ll do our best to help. Please be sure to include the following information: Just to be clear, there is absolutely NOTHING we can do if you don’t provide all three pieces of info. Thanks!

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